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Corona Alice

After a degree in History (University of Siena, Italy) and a MA in Communication and Information Sciences (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Alice has been practicing her craft working in data journalism and data literacy trainings since 2014: first as a trainee at NRC Next (Dutch newspaper), then as a freelancer for Italian media outlets (Wired Italy), afterwords as lead data journalist at the Amsterdam-based startup Silk (until 2016).

In 2017 she resumed working as a freelance data storytelling consultant and trainer. She promotes data literacy in her role as a MOOC content creator and tutor for Dataninja School.

From 2018 she is project leader at Batjo: Bits, Atoms and Journalism, a project awarded by the Google DNI Fund to promote the use of data physicalization among journalists.

She likes to collaborate on data activism projects, currently with Inside Airbnb and with a local housing-rights research collective (OCIO).

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